The DEWALT Company is well known for its durable and compact products which constitute the ability to withstand the rough type of jobs, which uses the AC power adapter or 18V Max battery for charging. Most of the DEWALT products come out with the facility such as the AM and FM rack, CD player, auxiliary input, MP3 player and satellite receiver plug in so that it can be able to charge the mobile phones and laptops through the USB port inbuilt in the device.

DEWALT DCR018 12V/18V/20V MAX Battery Powered Compact Worksite Radio System

With the use of this DEWALT series, you can listen to your favorite radio programs and other information from various stations. This DEWALT DCR018 radio system is one of the compact worksite radios which is effectively designed to withstand in the heavy duty worksites and rough working conditions. This compact worksite radio system constitutes the auxiliary cable connection to interact with the CD, portable satellite receiving, MP3 and other audio input devices.

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Specification Of DEWALT DCR018 Compact Worksite Radio

The DEWALT DCR018 compact worksite radio constitutes various types of specification which are listed down below.

  • It consists of the auxiliary cable of length 3.5mm which helps to connect the radio with various analog and digital devices.
  • This compact worksite radio unit includes the AC power cord or the 18V lithium or 20V Max battery for power energy storing to operate the radio at any timing.

Specification of dewalt dcr-018 worksite radioSpecification of dewalt dcr-018 worksite radio

  • This device is well known for its portability which weighs only up to the range of 6 lbs.
  • The DEWALT DCR018 compact worksite radio is guaranteed up to three years, which includes one year of free service with the return policy of 90 days before.
  • This product comes out with the measure of the 10 inches of depth, 11 inches of height and 7.5 inches of width.

Features Of DEWALT DCR018 Compact Worksite Radio

The DEWALT compact worksite radio is designed with the well qualified plastic material to withstand against the toughest worksite condition. This radio device mainly works on the AC and DC power sources through the power cord or the batteries. The DEWALT DCR018 radio series consist of the USB power port for charging the radio in emergency situations. This compact worksite radio unit consists of the device storing box that tends to prevent the damage caused due to the rough worksite to the durability and flexibility of the radio system.

Features of dcr-018 emergency radio

The compact feature of the USB cable and the battery unit constitute the ability to withstand the worksite calamities. This type of compact radio system can be charged anywhere by means of USB cable or replaceable battery in the absence of the power sources. This radio unit consists of the roller caging, which helps to provide the durable compactness to the radio system to overcome the risky factor involved in the worksite regions. It is designed with the heavy plastic material to withstand the exposure of damages caused during the bulky machinery worksite jobs.

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Key Features

  • AC power cord
  • Lithium battery


  • Light weight device
  • Best suited for heavy worksite

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