9 Important Equipment Pieces for Wilderness Survival


I have the Experience!

We set of friends has gone through a wilderness and had a hard time there; it was not that simple as we imagined. You need to be well known about the wilderness and carry some important aspects with you for the survival. Natural is a wonderful creation that provides more amount of precious things to the humans, but it knows to act when you do not follow the rules in the right way.

Wilderness Survival

So prepared for a wilderness? Then you should be planned for surviving tricks too. Yeah, a short walk on the woods in the wrong circumstance can turn to be a death sentence as there are high chances you fall into a deep dig or the stream.

There are also people who come out from the sickness they faced and live happily but it depends. You will be at risk of Hypothermia once the sun sets.

If you are the one who is so cautious about the nature, then it doesn’t means you will not get lost into the woods. It’s important you need to carry some good equipments so that you can survive without much discomfort and accidents. In the absence of any equipment, you should have known how to act with the things that are available in the wilderness to protect you from any threatening situations.

In this article, I am going to discuss about the things I carry each time when I get ready for the wilderness. We will also check out, how the equipment pieces can helps you in each occasion in depth.

Sharp Knife

The mandatory survival equipment piece is a good knife; you need this for hunting, protecting yourself from the unwanted enemies, situations etc and also help in making out other things in the forest. Make sure you are investing your money for getting a perfect knife for the wilderness before you get ready for the wilderness survival.

So, how should be the knife for the wilderness survival? Make sure you are going with the fixed blade rather than the folding knife. It should be full tang so that your blade can extend through the handle each time. Go for the steel knife so that it can hold an edge and the knife should be stable, strong and must not break easily.

Fire Starter

Without fire, your wilderness will be a hell; this is one of the fantastic inventions for the mankind. In the case of survival, this can provide the light, warmth and also acts a rescue signal at many situations.

Can you cook any food without fire? Yeah this is one of the mandatory things to keep yourself safe, active throughout the wilderness so that make sure you have a good fire starter with you. Apart from that it is also used for water purification.

There are two types of fire starters namely the primary and secondary survival kit; you need to choose the quality over the quantity as that will make the sense in the case of survival consideration.

I usually carry reliable fire starters so that I don’t want to depend on the secondary ones each time. Go with Storm proof Butane lighter as this is the best primary free starter so far and you can also have a Blast Match as the secondary fire starter as a extra piece.

Solar Charger and Cell Phone

The technology has provided you with more important aspects in which the modern advancement Smartphone is considered to be the highly useful one when using it in the right way.  When you take a Smartphone with you, check out whether you have survival books and other related information downloaded in it for the survival usage.

Your Smartphone should be compatible with GPS and topographical maps so that you can make use of it in the wilderness place you travel. Another important thing you need to carry a Smartphone is that you can inform other people about the place you are going and inform them the expected time to come back.

In the case of low signal, you may text the person so that they will know that you are safe, if you don’t show up then the people can help you in retrieving you to the original destination.

But you have a problem with the Smartphone, they don’t last longer as the battery get lost easily within few hours if you are using it continuously. In this case, you need a solar charger so that you can charge your mobile wherever you go.

Few of them will have built-in batteries so that you can store a full charge, in some cases you need a solar charger for the regular usage, but still you will not be able to use your Smartphone for 24/7.

Water Filter

Can you expect the clear water wherever you go? Absolutely no!

As you are going to the wilderness parts, the clear and beautiful mountain will contain more microscopic pathogens that can make you sick and in some cases the water can cause death in persons. This is the place a water filter will help you.

They can remove 99% of the pathogens from the water you drink and therefore you can have it without any fear. Get the one that will work along with your water bottle so that you can easily carry with you wherever you move.

Aluminum Water Bottle or Canteen

In the case of wild forest and related places, there are high chances you get water everywhere. But you just can’t believe anything and you need to be ready with all the piece of equipments that will help you in various situations. So make sure you are taking at least one liter of purified water with you.

Make use of the Aluminum water bottle so that you can use it for fire, apart from that this can be used to purify water in the case of your breakage in water filters.


Most of them forget to take a warm jacket with them. You may feel the warmness during the day time but you will not be able to tolerate the chillness during the night time. There are high chances for hypothermia, so you need to carry a warm jacket based on the season on the place where you are going to travel.

Carrying a hat and good leather gloves would be also the best idea; there are chances for you to lose your body heat by 25%. In this case, hat and gloves can help you in protecting your finger and head from frostbite.

Tarp, Rain Poncho or Space Blanket

In forest, you can make a shelter out of different materials you get there, but it would be too easy if you have the things to make the shelter there so that you can save your time. You need at least one or two hours to construct a hut with debris but with the help of the equipment pieces you will be able to set up the shelter within ten minutes.

Rain Poncho is used to make a fabulous tarp; this can be used in the case of any rainy seasons. I carry both rain poncho and tarp as you can’t expect what will happen in a forest.

Paracord (Rope)

In the wilderness, rope will help in performing a lot of things. Rope may be hard to carry out with you throughout your outing as it is bulk in weight. You can make use of the paracord in this case, as they are developed to be light in weight, compact and strong.

Have you seen a Military paracord?

Yeah, you need to make use of it for the survival use. This is also known as the “550 cord” means they can hold 550 pounds easily. The comparison between the military paracord and the ordinary rope is that they are stronger and much bigger in diameter.


The last equipment of piece that would be highly useful for the survival use is the Compass. Most of the smart phones will have the app compass on your phone but that won’t be reliable and effective as a physical compass. There are chances for your phone compass to show the wrong path or stop working sometimes if the GPS goes out. But physical compass will show you the right path even in the case of an MP attack.

The compass would be the best option in the absence of topographical map of the area you are travelling. The compass helps you in picking the direction you need to travel perfectly. You can also check out any civilization sign that is walking along your circles so that you can be more safe and careful.


Never fail to take the above nine essential equipment pieces with you if you need to survive in the wilderness.

Happy Trip!