A history of radio – A brief through the waves


World has emerged with lots of new and innovative technologies, today’s kids won’t believe that there was a time where communication between distance people is not possible and the radio turned to be one of the best communication development from mankind. In the 19th century, no one was aware that communication can do through wireless waves before Nikolai Tesla proved it.


Nikolai Tesla was the one who demonstrated a wireless radio in 1893 at St. Louis, Missouri. Today Let’s  learn about the history of radio communication in more depth below.

Radio: The Initial Point

It is Guglielmo Marconi from Britain who is also known as the “father of radio” initiated an original telegraphy and he is also the first ever person who transmitted the radio signals across the ocean in 1901.

Nowadays there are many radio broadcasting channels available and most of them are entertainment related. But, it was originally used for communication between ships on the ocean via Morse code language.

During First World War, radio communication had a greater hype as it was the only way to communicate the people in battle. People on that century never experienced that much effective, clear and rapid communication.

The radio transmissions are getting enhanced day by day, it’s sure that Radio is one of the great inventions of mankind.

Radio: A Huge Impact

Following WWI, Europe and North America had started pop upping radio stations and the units became available for every citizen. In 1920’s BBC (British Broadcasting Company), and KDKA in Pennsylvania were the two major pioneers of radio broadcasting. Within a short time, the government started regulating the radio transmitters.

With the interest in radio, people began to create their own receivers and that made the government take the step against this act. They created Radio Corporation Agreements to sanction radio so that only certain broadcasting companies are allowed to create radio transmitters and receivers.

Once the companies are ready with proper transmitters and receivers, there was an issue in broadcasting. In 1923, it was AT&T who did the first radio advertisement, NBC and CBS did not take much time to follow AT&T. Within a short duration, Radio became the major source of news and entertainment in and around UK, and US. By 1926, BBC was treated as the solid source of news and information in the UK.

Radio: WWII Impact

Before WWI, the radio transmission was just allowed for the military purpose, but the impact of radio it has made them spread to the public during WWII. In addition to military service, Radio broadcasting was also used as a news source for people. Each and every war updates was broadcasted at the right time, this helped the public to be aware of the things that happened in war each second.

The radio transmission started developing and moved to the next level after WWII. In 1920’s radio started broadcasting music online, this made other entertainment channels of that decade to slow down. “Top 40” is an interesting term that was created in radio, they broadcasted popular and lovable songs every day with the hope that will attract the teens and adults listen.

All kinds of music were played and that was the time FM stations started getting the craze and were in the peak with great popularity. At this time, the radio broadcasting mostly used AM frequencies.

Radio: The Present

From 20th century most of them started radio only for the entertainment purpose. The uses of radio at the beginning will amaze the people of this decade, it’s true that those rudimentary uses cannot be faded and is remembered by the people till now for its popularity.

Today, we get radio broadcasting from satellite and internet, you will be able to hear FM channels wherever you are with the help of your mobile phone. The enhancement of radio is improving along with the same basics but the effectiveness of communication is made creative when compared to the older days.

Radio transmission has more to do in the future for educational, communication, entertainment and much more.  Radio transmission will continue it’s growing with the ever-changing innovative technology of the world.FacebookTwittergoogle_plusShare