American Red Cross Frx3 Weather Alert Radio Review


Radios are devices generally used for transmitting and receiving the frequency band signals. There are many types of radios in the world; one important type of these radios is the emergency radio.

The emergency radios are used to alert the person if there are any natural calamities. It alerts the user with the warning signal so that he can move to a safe place away from the destruction. These emergency radios are widely used by the trekking and shipping persons.

American Red Cross Frx3 Weather Alert Radio

The American Red Cross weather alert radio is also a type of emergency radio that can be used to detect the band signals from the region. It tracks the weather band signal in the region and offers a periodic report to the user about the current and upcoming weather in the region.

american red cross emergency radios by etón


This radio has many inbuilt features and this feature makes this product effective and easy to use. Various inbuilt features of these products are given below.

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The first important feature of this radio is the power. The input power to this radio is offered with the help of batteries. This radio has rechargeable batteries that can be easily powered up with the help of 3 powering methods; they are solar power, hand crank, and USB port. Other than this, the batteries of this radio can be replaced with a new powerful battery to obtain high power. This radio can be used in any adverse conditions because the power in the radio can be maintained effectively in any situations and conditions.

USB Port

This radio also has a USB port attached to it. This USB port can be used for charging the radio from the external power devices such as plug-ins and PCs. Other than this, the port can also be used for charging external devices like mobile phones, power banks etc.



This product effectively operates on various bands of operation. It can detect the weather bands, FM bands, and AM bands in the particular region and display them to the user. The weather band is monitored continuously and whenever any disaster is reported by the weather band, the alert signal is produced to alert the user.


The display used in this radio is an LCD display with a backlight. The display effectively views the detected frequency band of the signal. Further, the amount of charge left within the radio is also displayed on the screen. The backlight option helps to view the display during night.

Display of american red cross emergency radio


This radio also has a flashlight option. This flashlight is operated by the power of batteries. The flashlight is made up of powerful LED and it glows based on the power of the radio. Other than this, it also has a beacon LED that blinks whenever the radio detects an alarm signal.

Flashlight of american red cross emergency radio

Other features of this radio are listed below.

  • The buttons of this radio are illuminated and they glow even in dark regions.
  • This radio can also be operated in DC input power.
  • It has an auxiliary headphone port in which the headphone or an earphone can be connected.
  • Ni-MH rechargeable batteries are used in this radio for powerful operation.
  • This radio has a rugged rubber shell that is durable.


  • The design of this radio is small and compact.
  • It is lightweight and portable.
  • This radio has a long battery life.
  • The flashlight level can be adjusted easily.
  • This radio offers a loud and clear audio alert signal.

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Key Features

  • 4-way input power
  • Ni-MH battery


  • Easy to use
  • Advance alerts

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These are the various features and advantages of American Red Cross FRX3 Weather Alert Radio. So try this product and share your views in the box given below.