C Crane Cc Skywave Travel Radio- Review


Radios are telecommunication devices that have various uses and benefits. These radios can be categorized into various types based on the uses. Those that are used to carry while traveling are known as travel radio.

C crane weather alert radio

The travel radios are also a part of the emergency radio that can alert the user with the upcoming disaster. This can be done with the help of the various weather band signals present in the particular region.

C Crane CC Skywave Travel Radio

The C Crane CC Skywave Travel Radio is also an emergency radio that is used to alert the user with the upcoming natural difficulties such as storm, thunders, rain, snowfall, earthquake etc. The important features of C Crane CC Skywave Travel Radio are given below.

Also have a look at this video to know more about C Crane emergency radio.



This radio can track the all the frequency bands in the given region. It can be used for tracking the small band signals and FM bands, AM bands and the weather band signals. The weather band signals give the information about the weather forecasting in the particular area.


The display used in this radio is the LCD display. The display has a backlight option and hence the display can be viewed even in dark conditions. Other than this, the display shows the battery level of the radio, the frequency band that is currently in use, and the time.

c crane emergency radio display


The design of this radio is unique and compact. The weight of this radio is very less and it can be carried very easily. This radio also has a volume knob by which the volume of the radio and the alert signal can be adjusted.

Other features of this radio are listed below.

  • The radio is powered with the help of the rechargeable batteries.
  • The radio can also be powered with the help of AC adapter.
  • It is also equipped with the headphone jack.
  • This radio also has sleep timer mode and 400 memory presets.
  • This radio is portable and it comes with a carry case.


  • This radio is compact and can be used easily.
  • This radio has a lightweight design and hence it can be carried anywhere without any stress.
  • The power offered by the battery is high.
  • The alert signal is produced as soon as the disaster is detected.

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Key Features

  • Volume control knob
  • LCD display


  • Compact
  • Lightweight

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These are the various features and advantages of C Crane CC Skywave Travel Radio. Try this and share your feedback about the product.