DEWALT DCR028B – Review

The DEWALT Company is well known for its durable and compact products which are made to withstand the toughest type of jobs. Many of their products use an AC power adapter or 12v, 18v, or 20v Max battery for charging. Many products offered by Dewalt have AM and FM radio, bluetooth, auxiliary input, so that it can charge mobile devices and laptops through the USB port inbuilt in the device.

DEWALT DCR028B 12V/18V/20V MAX Battery Powered Compact Worksite Radio System

With the use of this DEWALT series, you can listen to your favorite radio programs and stations. This DEWALT DCR028B radio system is one of the best compact worksite radios which is effectively designed to withstand the rough working conditions of a worksite. This compact radio system offers bluetooth, AM/FM radio, a usb power port to connect external device, as well as many other benefits for you to enjoy.

Specification Of DEWALT DCR028B Compact Worksite Radio

The DEWALT DCR028b compact worksite radio boasts amazing specifications which are listed down below.

  • It consists of the 3.5mm auxiliary port which helps to external devices.
  • This compact worksite radio unit includes the AC power cord or the 18V lithium or 20V Max battery for power energy storing to operate the radio at any timing.
  • This device is well known for its portability and weighs just 8 lbs.
  • The DEWALT DCR028b compact worksite radio is guaranteed up to three years, which includes one year of free service with the return policy of 90 days.
  • This dimension of this product is 15.3 x 7.7 x 10.5 inches.

Features Of DEWALT DCR028B Compact Worksite Radio

The DEWALT compact worksite radio is designed using strong and durable materials, enabling it to withstand the toughest worksite conditions. This radio works with AC and DC power sources through the power cord or the batteries. The DEWALT DCR028B radio series consist of a USB power port for charging the radio in emergency situations.

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This portable radio includes a device storage box that works to protect the radio system’s flexibility and durability from wear and tear brought on by hard working environments.

In the absence of typical power sources, this type of portable radio system may be charged anywhere using a USB cable or a replaceable battery. This radio unit has roller caging, which aids to give the radio system durability and compactness to get around the risky factor present in the workplace. It is made of sturdy plastic so that it can endure exposure to harm from the worksite’s large machines.

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  • Bluetooth Connectivity up to 100ft away
  • USB power port for device charging
  • 3.5 mm auxiliary port to connect external devices
  • This battery operated radio has a heavy-duty roll cage with antenna slot for josbite durability and protection


  • Cheaper alternatives
  • No place to store the power cord

Final thoughts

The Dewalt DCR028B emergency radio is built in a sturdy and secure way that it can withstand disaster well. It has a body that is made of plastic and a handle that will ensure you have an easy time carrying it from one place to another. Overall, this radio is suitable for all worksites and is ideal for most outdoor activities.

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