How to choose the right Weather radio


Weather Radios is a service to update the people with the upcoming weather changes and other emergencies, natural disasters like earthquakes, oil spills, avalanches, etc. , and is provided by the NOAA(National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration).


This is available through the seven VHF frequencies so that you will not be able to hear them on a standard AM/FM radio.

There are two types of weather radios namely Desktop weather radios and Emergency radios. Today let’s check out the factors you need to look for while choosing this weather radios.

Features of Weather Radios

Before letting you know about the factors, let me explain about the features of these weather radios.

  • Public Alert Certification: A weather radio that has this certification has the standards developed by the NOAA and NWS(National Weather Service) for the user-friendly feature, performance, and reliability.
  • Alarm: The radio has an audible alarm that will help you to know about the upcoming emergencies and other natural disasters easily with the aid of a loud alert tone.
  • SAME: Specific Alert Message Encoding helps you to cover the broadcast over the vast region and enhances the weather radio to provide the warning sound at a particular area.
  • Power Sources: You will need the battery backup to keep your weather radio running during the power cut, these weather radio will have multiple energy sources like the solar panel, car charger, hand crank, etc. for the extended running during power cut too.
  • Selective Alert Blocking: You can turn off this function if you feel you need not any signal during any non life-threatening weather event occurs.
  • Charger: you can plug your cell phone to the crank radios and charge up if your mobile gets switched off.

Few questions to ask yourself before choosing a weather radio

Once you are clear with the features, you need to know the factors on choosing the right type of weather radios.

Are you living in an area which is prone to harmful climate changes?

If you’re areas get prone to tornados, hurricanes, storms, etc. often, then you need a weather radio for saving your life, so choose the one that will be durable and easy to use. Pick the one with selective alert blocking so that you no need to worry about the unwanted signals.

Which type will you need: weather radio or an emergency radio?

An emergency radio will help you to know about the alerts even during the power cut whereas a weather radio warns you only when it’s prone to the weather event. SAME technology is lacking in emergency radios, so if you are not in need to those feature you can go with emergency or else pick the weather radio for regular and advanced alerts.

Whether your area receives constant power cuts?

If so, you need to choose an emergency radios as they are  best and work even if there is no power. There is a charger option so that you can charge your mobile phone even in power cut.

Anyone in your  home is in need of some special needs?

For impaired or deaf persons, there is no use of audible alarms, in such cases you need to choose a radio with external device jack. This will let you know about the emergencies with the help of bed shakers or strobe lights easily.

Final Thoughts

Hope the above guide on weather radio helped you to choose the right type of radio at your emergencies. Any ideas, thoughts, and comments on the topic is welcome.