Kaito KA500 Emergency Radio Alerting Unit Reviewed


The Kaito KA500 emergency radio alerting system is well known for its five-way powered units for alerting the upcoming disaster in advance. This Kaito unit is a newly released emergency radio system which comes out with the hi-tech revolutionary design features and its durable versatility functions. This Kaito KA500 radio system is an ideal device used to accompany the situations of emergency preparedness, outdoor traveling, and other military purposes. This unit constitutes the ability to power up in various methods on its own.

Design Features Of Kaito KA500 Emergency Radio System

It constitutes the additional ability for adapting the high-quality AC type of generator without any kind of brushes. This radio unit is powered up by the solar panels over the inbuilt battery in the radio, on its own. In this radio unit, the solar panel affixed to the system helps to tilt the panel towards the direction of the sunlight in order to absorb the energy in the day timing.

The Kaito radio system consists of the five LED lamps over the base of the solar panel, to indicate the need of power in the battery. This Kaito system is mainly manufactured for emergency events for charging the small range of the electronic items like iPod or cell phones through the USB cord onto the USB jack connectivity designed in the radio system. The Kaito radio consists of the high range of flashing bright LED lighting; in case of the emergency situations.

It consists of the white LED light for flashing purpose and red LED light for emergency alerting situations. The main feature of this Kaito radio unit is the weather alerting function in which it helps to enable the ability to receive the alert signal of any disaster arrival in an earlier stage. It is mainly equipped with the five-way power up units, which are further winded up with the feature, to alert the emergency and weather alerting situations through the inbuilt LED flashlights.


The Kaito KA500 emergency five powered radio alerting system comes out with the numerous ranges of trustworthy characteristics and high qualified specifications as listed below.

  • They are highly equipped with the AM, FM, and weather alert radio units.
  • It provides the AM band of 520 to 1717 kHz, FM band of up to 108 MHz, and the weather band up to 7 standards for all kind of stations.
  • It is strongly winded up to operate over the strong power and voltage, by means of the dynamo cranking power unit and the inbuilt Ni-MH battery type, to power by the 120 turn of cranking power.
  • The PLL crystal circuit controlling unit is used for stable alerting over the upcoming weather disorders.
  • It is mated with the recharging battery unit, which may be used for charging the Laptop, iPod or cell phones.
  • This product comes out with the dimensional measure of 10.5 inches of height, 5.8 inches in width and 3 inches of depth.
  • This unit consists of the AC and DC adapter along with the AA batteries; to recharge the radio unit by means of an AC adapter, solar panel unit, PC unit power, and dynamo hand crank and to operate the radio unit in the high dynamic range of reception.
  • It is equipped with the unique features of operating the solar panel over the adjustable range of 180 degree angle to increase the exposure of the sun, over the radio batteries.
  • The solar panel unit used in this radio system is one of the best portable short waves, to receive the direct sunlight during the day timing.
  • It consists of the internally designed generator that helps to recharge the inbuilt Ni-MH battery unit for operating the radio, lamp light for emergency reading, and flashlight; in case of power shutdown.
  • It is a self-powered type of analog radio unit which is upgraded with the high range of selectivity and sensitivity to cover the good frequency output range.

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Key Features

  • AC and DC adapter
  • Ni-MH battery


  • High range of sensitivity
  • Adjustable solar panel
Kaito KA500 Emergency Radio Alerting Unit

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