Kaito Voyager Pro KA600 Solar & Weather Emergency Radio System


The Kaito radio manufacturing company is well known and popular for its innovative and advanced design features over the radio system. This Kaito Company mainly concentrates on the emergency alerting applications and another normal day to day uses. This Kaito Voyager radio series is the new outcome model which is highly equipped with the different ways of charging such as AC or DC adapter, built in Ni-MH battery, solar panel, three AA batteries and the USB cable charging from mobiles, laptops and hand cranking device in order to overcome any kind of emergency situations.

Kaito Voyager Pro KA600 Emergency Radio Unit

The Kaito voyager pro-KA600 radio is one of the most attractive and impressive series among the Kaito radio family in which it works well with great efficiency and flexibility to withstand any kind of emergency cases. This type of radio unit helps to power up by five different ways to overcome the problem of sudden power shutdown conditions during emergency situations.

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Characteristics & Features of Kaito KA600 Radio system

The Kaito KA600 radio series is highly designed and equipped with the adjustable solar panels for charging which can be tilted according to the exposure of the sunlight. This radio unit is an ideal choice for most of the radio users as it is more versatile and durable in its qualified feature to safeguard life during disasters. This innovative radio design is very much useful for the camping, outdoor traveling, emergency awareness and other informative purposes.

Kaito voyager solar crank radio characteristics

This Kaito radio series is highly mated with the digital clock, timer, temperature reading, alarm system and weather forecasting unit, to tune over the dynamic frequency band of NOAA, long wave, FM, weather band, AM and shortwave bands. It consists of the LED flashlight and reading lamp in case of sudden power shutdown condition over the home which constitutes the ability to scan for the frequencies around the stations.

It mainly consists of the RDS unit embedded with the real-time alerting facility in which the radio data system helps to collect the transmitted information or alert message with timing, programming notes, and station information. The RDS is the well known communicating protocol which helps to embed with the various range of digital information to broadcast the FM and AM radio spectrum. The NOAA alerting unit is highly inbuilt in this radio system to inform the arrival of the natural disasters and the weather conditions automatically.

Specification Of The Kaito KA600 Radio Series

The Kaito voyage pro KA600 radio series consists of several ranges of specifications which are listed as follows.

  • These radio series consist of four type of tunings such as manual tuning, ATS, direct data entry and memory tuning over various kinds of stations.
  • It includes the RDS and NOAA units to make alert of the emergency situation at any timing.
  • It is easy to tune over the best station with clear audible range and is embedded with the calendar, timer, thermometer, humidity checking meter, and alarm system.
Specification of kaito emergency radio
  • It includes the five-way charging unit which is highly mated with the adjustable solar panel up to the angle of 180 degrees.
  • It mainly works over the three Ni-MH battery of 600mAh ranging which comes out with the dimensional measure of 9.5 inches of height, 5.5 inches in width and 2 inches in depth.
  • This radio series is the lightweight device which ranges only up to one lb.
  • This dynamo solar and weather alerting radio unit consists of the backlit digital LCD display for the user reference about the readings.

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Key Features

  • Backlit LCD unit
  • NOAA


  • Light weight
  • LED flashlight

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