Midland ER200 Emergency Weather Radio-Review


The radios are used for transmitting and receiving information and hence it is widely used in many regions of the world. There are many types of radios; one among them is the emergency radio.

Midland ER200 Emergency Weather Radio

The emergency radio is used to alert the user if there is any disorder within the living area. These radios have many inbuilt features and performance. One such emergency radio with high performance is the Midland ER200 Emergency Weather Radio.

Midland Radio

The Midland radio is also an emergency radio that can be used for detecting the weather effectively. If this radio detects any disorders in the weather forecasting, it alerts the user in advance. By this alert, the user can take many preventive measures to safeguard from the damages.


The features of Midland radio make this radio effective and easy to use. The important features of this radio are listed below.

Midland ER200 Emergency Weather Radio design

Power Options

The input power to this radio is offered with the help of the battery. The user can use both the non-rechargeable and rechargeable batteries for power. The commonly used batteries in the Midland radio are 2000 mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery. This battery can be charged easily with the help of the crank, solar power or mini USB cable.

Midland ER200 Emergency Weather Radio power


The important additional feature to this emergency radio is the flashlight option. The flashlight of the Midland radio is made up of Cree LED which can be produce 130 lumens of light. This LED’s work effectively under the low power conditions too. The LED operates in two modes; the LOW mode can be used for the backlight option and the HIGH mode can be used for illumination.

Flashlight of Midland ER200 Emergency Weather Radio


The next important factor of the Midland radio is the display. It has a large LCD display with a backlight option. The backlight option enables the user to view the display even in the dark condition. The display is used to view FM channel, time and weather channels. The time can be set either in 24 hours format or in 12 hours format. Other than this, the display also shows the frequency band number of the current station.

Midland ER200 Emergency Weather Radio display


This radio also has a USB port. This port can be used for charging various external devices such as mobile phones, etc. Added to this, the port can also be used for charging the batteries in the radio with the help of the external power source. Commonly used external power source is the plug-in point or the Personal computer.


This radio can be operated in various frequency bands of operation. It has the capacity to access all the AM bands, FM bands, and the weather alert bands. If the radio detects any hazardous situations in the weather bands, it alerts the user immediately with a siren.

Other features of this radio are,

  • This radio has three ways powered batteries such as solar, USB and hand crank.
  • This radio can be used to charge external devices.
  • It is a portable device and it can be used in many places.
  • It also has a large bright backlight LED.
  • The antenna is also attached to this radio and the antenna used is a rotatable telescopic antenna.
  • This radio also has a headphone jack.

Also have a look at this YouTube video to know more about Midland ER-200 Emergency Radio.



Some important advantages of this product are,

  • The LCD display is effective and the clock operates periodically even in off-state.
  • This radio constantly informs weather conditions in any region.
  • It can track a wide band of radio signals with the help of the antenna.
  • The lithium-ion battery is powerful and is durable.
  • This radio offers advanced alerts so that the user can move to the safe regions.

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Key Features

  • 3-way powered flashlight
  • USB port


  • Weather alert
  • Portable

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These are various features and advantages of Midland ER200 Emergency Weather Radio. Are you in need of good emergency radio? Then try this radio and write to us about the working efficiency.