Midland WR120 Weather Alert Radio Review


Among the many types of emergency radios available, the Midland WR120 weather alert radio’s features are quite different from others. It is equipped with the latest technology, which helps to provide the clear information to the people. This radio also offers the best sound quality. Let us look at its review with respect to its features.

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It is equipped with seven preset channels.  You can tune your favorite channel with the help of memory tuning.


It is built with the in-built clock with an alarm and snooze button. In the case of danger, it alerts people with the alarm sound.


When you lack electric supply, you can operate it with the help of 3 alkaline batteries.

Midland WR120 Weather Alert Radio design
Midland WR120 Weather Alert Radio

Warning Systems

It consists of three warning systems; the 90db siren, the voice alert, and the flashing LED light.

Specific Area Message Encoding Technology

It is used to provide the alert message regarding a specific country, and eliminates the alerts from the other areas.


The price of the product ranges from $ 20 to $ 30.


It plays the best role in delivering the message about the unpredictable weather conditions in the surrounding areas. The radio can deliver the information in various languages like English, French, and Spanish. You can select the areas which you wish to receive the alert message. The weather band is used to provide the information about the poor conditions of the weather. In the case of danger, it automatically switches to the alert override.

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Key Features

  • Message encoding technology
  • Warning system


  • Used in indoors and outdoors
  • Portable

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