Sangean Lb-100 Compact Radio Receiver-Review


The radio stations transmit various useful informations in terms of the frequency band and the radio receivers receive these frequency bands and convey the information to the users. The radio receivers are used almost in all the regions of the world, these receivers are also used when the person is in the middle of the sea.

Sangean Radio Receiver

The Sangean radio receiver is also an emergency radio that can be used for tracking the frequency bands spread out in the particular region. This radio receiver has many useful features; some of them are listed below.


The design of this radio receiver is very uniq
ue and this design accommodates many functions. This radio is made up of rust resistant steel that is durable. The device also has water-resistant and shock-resistant design.

design of sangean lb-100 emergency radio


This device has an easy to read LCD display. It also has a back light option and with this option, the display can be viewed brightly even at night. The display is used to view the current time and the frequency band selected for playing.

sangean lb-100 emergency radio display


This radio offers almost 12 memory presets, 6 for AM frequency band and other 6 for FM frequency band. With these presets, the frequency bands can be easily selected for playing music. The presets are stored in the memory.


The input power to these batteries is offered by highly durable rechargeable batteries. The batteries are powerful and hence it increases the efficiency of radio transmission. Other than the batteries, the power can also be given by the DC plug-in.


Since this radio uses DC power for operation, it also has a built-in cable tie for connecting it to the power source. The cable is durable and is made up of rubber. It is about 2.7 meters long and it can be rolled easily.

sangean lb-100 emergency radio design

Other Features

The important other features of this radio are listed below.

  • This radio has ABS steel construction that is corrosion free.
  • The body is fixed perfectly and this makes the radio stress resistant and water resistant.
  • The dial type is rotator and it offers convenient radio functions.
  • This radio also has equalizer presets with bass boost technology.
  • There are two knobs in this device; they are tuning knob and volume control knob. Both are effective and useful.

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Key Features

  • Volume control knob
  • Durable steel


  • Stress resistant
  • Water resistant

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The above listed are the various important features of Sangean LB-100 Radio Receiver. So buy this radio receiver and be safe during hazardous situations.

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