Sony ICF-F10 2 Band FM/AM Transistor Radio-Review


Sony devices are common in all the regions of the world. These devices are made up of high-quality materials and hence, all the devices from this brand are durable and they ensure long-term use. The transmitter radio from Sony is also effective and it can track the frequency bands easily.

Sony ICF-F10 Transistor Radio

The Sony transmitter radio is a portable radio that has many features and advantages. The most important features of this radio are listed below.


This radio is small in size and compact in design. It also has a convenient carry strap and it works effectively with the help of the batteries. Other than this, the system is designed to be light in weight so that the radio can be carried easily.

design of sony icf f10 emergency radio
Sony ICF-F10 emergency radio design
design of Sony ICF F10 radio


The important feature of a radio is the power. The performance of the Sony ICF-F10 depends fully on its power. The power is given to this radio with the help of batteries. The batteries are durable and offer high power to the system. The size of the batteries used in this radio is 2 ā€˜Dā€™ batteries. Rechargeable batteries are used since they have longer lives.


The volume of this radio can be controlled effectively with the help of volume knob present in the radio. This feature helps the user to alter the volume of the device according to their ability. The volume knob is very easy to use and cylinder in shape.

Volume in Sony ICF F10 radio


This radio also uses an antenna for excellent and dynamic reception of waves. It can receive all the radio waves that lie within the located region. An important function of using antenna is it has a wide coverage area. The type of antenna used here is ferrite bar telescopic swivel antenna.

telescopic antenna in Sony ICF F10 Radio

Here is a You Tube video that give complete details on Sony ICF-F10 emergency radio review.

Other Features

There are many other features equipped with this radio, they are listed below.

  • This radio can be used in various places such as parks, beach, picnic, gym or playroom.
  • It has a headphone jack that can be used for hearing the information personally.
  • The antenna offers excellent reception and this will increase the sound quality of the device.
  • The display is also effective and it uses an AM/FM dial scale panel display.

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Key Features

  • Batteries
  • Small size


  • Compact
  • Lightweight

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These are the features and advantages of Sony transmitter radio. Hope this article is useful to you, if you have any queries, comment it in the box given below.