Why Disaster Preparedness is So Important to Your Family


Everyone’s life is full of unexpected problems, some are very serious and few quite not bad. We know the saying “feces Occurs” but people say it a wee bit differently no matter how they pronounce it ,the meaning remains unchanged.

Disaster Preparedness

Cutting shoe lace is not a big deal but wrecking your new car is considered to be the bigger problem, So few thing in our life is more serious like wrecking the car and so it is important to get a car insurance. It is also necessary to insure our life, health and the home because it helps us during the difficult time.

There are some things that you could not get back, you will be able to get the flood insurance but could you recollect your family photos or any other valuable family heirlooms? Absolutely no. Once you lost those things, it is irreplaceable in our life.

Though you cannot bring back the photos of the kids growing up, you will have at least the kids, What if the disaster was severe and no one survived? Whom you don’t want to lose? In order to save your loved one’s life, will you sacrifice your life?

The latest report shows that the average person is facing major disaster every seven to eight years in their life and many of those are dealing with the personal disaster like foreclosure on their home, loss of job or someone in the family get serious injuries.

Other type of disaster are not personal but these pain can destroy your lives and causes unbearable pain. The hardest disaster is the one which destroys thousands to millions of lives in the town, state or country at a time.

Once the Venezuela is the most prosperous democracy in the South America, but the people are now starving, and each day they are facing many problems to survive. Do you think it will happen to us?

Before 12 years the Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast and the new Orleans is the same one still. People have moved to the different places to build their new life, many people lost their lives in Hurricane Katrina because of not obeying government orders to evacuate the New Orleans and failed preparing in facing the category 5 hurricane. They probably could have survived if they might have know how to act properly.

The research shows that the possibility of tens and thousands of people who die in the United States is due to the Ebola outbreak during 2014 to 2015. Fortunately, it did not happen there and the death rate in the Africa is reduced than expected. The chance for the risk is higher and the only way to defense is isolating yourself. But how do you do that without enough food?

The report from the EMP commission shows that the 90 percent of population would die if an enemy uses high-altitude EMP against the US and 207.9 million people die from starvation. The North Korea and Iran are threatened to attack us with the nuclear weapons and we are just into one question, how to ignore that risk?

You could not drive the car for your whole life without a car accident or traffic ticket and it is important to obey the law and get the insurance to protect yourself. Statistically, we are going to face the disaster one day in our life so it is necessary to protect our family from that situation.

The disaster preparedness is not a new idea and all throughout history, the people get prepared for the disaster. It is not possible to grow food in the cold climate or hunting the animals from the burrow. We have to travel to the warmer climate for collecting the food, learning to store food is the best part in disaster preparedness.

The government agency FEMA is designated to deal with disaster and it is important to know the potential of disaster in advance. Try to prepare yourselves to overcome the problem than depending on others.